Pynths DEX Setting — Exchange

Things to do before trading Pynths on DEX

Users should mint pUSD by staking PERI tokens for trading Pynths. Processes of staking are the same with other networks, so please check our staking guide with our previous guide below:

pageStaking dApp — 1. Setting/Stake-Mint

And make sure to add tokens through the token contract address page list:

pageToken Contract Addresses

Settings — Connect Metamask wallet

Step 1. Go to PERI DEX page:

Step 2. Connect the wallet by clicking the top right side button.

Step 3. Click the MetaMask to proceed.

Step 4. Approve wallet access on the Metamask page.

Settings — Exchange

Step 1. Select Pynth assets to trade.

Step 2. Input your amount that you want to trade Pynths.

You can also scroll the amount on the 'Receive' tab.

Step 3. After clicking the 'confirm' on the Metamask, 'In progress' and 'Confirm' alerts will appear.

Step 4. Check your Pynths trade history and assets status on the 'Assets' page.

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