Pynths DEX Guide - Bridge

Transfer submit

Step 1. If you want to transfer pUSD from Polygon to Moonriver, please select 'Polygon' at 'From' slot and 'Moonriver' at 'To' slot.

Step 2. Input the pUSD/PERI amount that you want to transfer to the Moonriver network, and click 'Confirm'.

Step 3. Sign and confirm transaction on Metamask.

Step 4. When you see the success alert, the transaction is complete.

Transfer Receive

Step 1. Click the 'Receive' tab on the Bridge page.

Step 2. You can check that pUSD token has ready to receive on this tab. Click 'Confirm'.

Note: Tokens you have confirmed on the ‘Submit’ tab may take up to 10 mins for arrival on the ‘Receive’ tab.

Step 3. Check the transaction fee and click 'Confirm'. When you see this alert and Metamask confirm alert, your token has successfully received the pUSD/PERI token.

Step 4. Check the Metamask wallet that your assets have successfully received.

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